Dan Leverett
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Dan B. Leverett


Dan Leverett leads a team to create and maximize value in real estate investment opportunities for US and International equity partners. Tasks include securing development opportunities, managing a team and process to complete the overall planning, financial analysis, development, leasing and ultimate monetization to realize the projects. He has successfully completed over $1.5 B (5 MSF) of mixed-use, commercial and residential projects. 


Place gets its name from Leverett’s passion for place making, his desire to create organic spaces that people will enjoy.  Place making is a unique concept that takes a combination of people, skills and thought to succeed in creating the different aspects that define a place. As Leverett puts it, “what matters about a place is the fabric, what a person feels and senses as they walk through a space and the experiences they have as they move through an area. There needs to be some rhythms… but you also need to have serendipity… things need to evolve as people move throughout the space. There are many elements that need to be thought of in order to make a place special.” 


His background in corporate and commercial real estate development spans over 30 years and includes employment with notable companies such as ExxonMobil Corporation, Friendswood Development, The Woodlands Development Company and Atwood Oceanics. During this time, he spent 8 years overseas in international business. 

An Industry veteran, Leverett recently formed Place after completing over 1.3MSF in 3 years as Executive VP/Managing Director for PM Realty Group. Prior to this, he worked 13 years for the Woodlands Development Company, L.P. As their Vice President, he was responsible for commercial operations and development of the company’s urban mixed-use, office, retail, hotel and multi-family projects in The Woodlands, Texas. Areas of responsibility included general corporate management, all commercial development activities, leasing, management operations, leasing and asset sales, financial analysis, urban planning, architectural plan development and review, and extensive corporate and governmental interaction.


Leverett has a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and Masters of Business Administration Degree in Finance from Texas A&M University. He is at home in both the cockpit of a plane and a tractor and believes that keeping them both upright is more fun.